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Our founder Dr. Suan has strongly believed that Naturally Originated Ingredient (NOI) is the answer for all living things on our planet, while convincing that nature itself must an answer for organic farming for crops and livestocks. Schwanorganisch were founded to suggest and supply these organic products to the both agriculture and livestock industries.  We eager to help soil rehabilitation and fortifying  immune system of living things, using Naturally Originated Ingredients.

Schwanorganisch has own factories in Korea, Indonesia, Russia, and many overseas partners for insuring  our raw materials.

Korea- Marshall corporation

Indonesia- Marshall Agro Indonesia

Russia-Marshall Agro Russia

Our future

Schwanorganisch also see future goal as Urban Agriculture, using controlled in-door cultivation systems. Each family can do Eco farming in their house. 

We also aiming at developing natural pesticides, which are originated wild plants,  candidate-materials are under researching in our lab.

All ingredients for our organic fertilizer & soil conditioner and animal feed additives are obtained from natural plants or organic materials, unlikely than that of chemically originated.

Naturally obtained or extracted ingredients are the key elements of  Schwanorganisch.

Our Philosophy  Fides servanda est

When we were set up a factory in Indonesia, we saw many poor people collecting teak-leaves.

Schwanorganisch do strongly believe that Nature were given by God, thus all weak and poor ones who collecting these must enjoy the fruits what schwanorganisch makes through these. We do specially care of chidlrens, who under low educational opportunities in our local factory area.

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