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Schwanorganisch provide wide range of naturally originated Ingredients for organic farming and animal husbandry

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Our founder Dr. Suan has strongly believed that Naturally Originated Ingredient (NOI) is the answer for all living things on our planet, while convincing that nature itself must an answer for organic farming for crops and livestocks. Schwanorganisch were founded to suggest and supply these organic products to the both agriculture and livestock industries.

 Feed Additives & Premix

 Poultry, Livestock feed additive.

Schwanorganisch developed  natural flavonoid  antioxidant additive for animal feed.

we strongly recommend it to use as essential additive for poultry farming (for broiler chicken, layer chicken)

Shrimp, Fish feed additive.

Our Natural flavonoid antioxidant additive is very effective for fish feed meal  

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