(Premix, Additive for premix)

Schwanorganisch strongly believe that fortify immune system is the key to animal husbandry 
S-Biostimul-1, Premix for main feed

Premix S-Biostimul-1 is the natural bioflavonoid complex. Fortification of animal and poultry feed with the additive S-Biostimul-1 allows to control the productive health of animals, increase their survival and resistance to stress factors. The feed additive S-Biostimul-1 promotes to reduce the livestock mortality and morbidity, normalize of metabolic processes in the body and the functional state of the liver in particular

Mineral sorbent, Natural organic Andioxidant, Beta-carotin, other organic bioflavonoids

1 kg of S-Biostimul-1 to 1 ton of main feed

S-Biostimul-2, Additive to Premix

S-Biostimul-2 is specially developed for premix manufacturer of poultry, fish, shrimp premix.

Fortification of daily diet of broiler chickens with the feed additive S-Biostimul-2 regulates metabolic processes, has a positive effect on the functional status of internal organs, increases significantly the average daily live weight gain, reduces the cost of feed, creates mechanisms to protect healthy cells from pathologies, raises the safety of young chickens.
Fortification of daily diet of laying hens with the feed additive S-Biostimul-2 improves egg laying ability, increases the average egg weight, young chickens increase more intensively the productivity with the age.

S-Biostimul-2  has the same result to fish and shrimp farming, it can be add to the fish or shrimp meal.

Natural organic Antioxidant, other relative bioflavonoids,

0.05% of S-Biostimul-2  in Premix (not for direct mixing to main feed)

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